is a platform that powers a dual cryptocurrency system, created to facilitate ease of transacting in the real world with a virtually generated money. GMB will make the use of cryptocurrency easy by merging the virtual and real world together through a payment system that is convenient, fast and borderless. The dream that created the very first cryptocurrency on a blockchain many years ago, is coming to reality as the GMB coin. This is a great opportunity for early adopters to enjoy a ton of benefits, because GMB coin has come to function as real money for use across the globe. GMB offers the reality of coin accessibility that will drive cryptocurrency adoption.

Features of GMB

GMB platform has created a solution that breaks the boundaries of existing cryptocurrency models, by offering a dual currency system to power transactions in a less complex way for easy adoption by everyone. GMB coin has come to simplify the use of cryptocurrency for everyday use just like fiat.
GMB offers two cryptocurrencies that are unique and dynamic – The Master Coin and the Branch Coin. GMB is an acronym for Gold “Master and Branch”.
1. Master Coin (is the native currency on the GMB platform with asset value and coin features that allow price volatility. It is valued as an investment asset and is listed on various global exchanges as a token. It will be used majorly to power the GMB Decentralised Exchange.
2. Branch Coin is a stable coin that will be pegged to fiat currency issued by the government and it will be issued individually for each country. Because Branch coin is linked to fiat currency, it offers price stability that is important for ease of daily transaction everywhere.  The Branch coin is guaranteed with a reserve of 2 billion Master coins already mined.
3. Objective Smart Contract – This is not a coin but an expansion of Smart contract in such a way that is easy for use by professionals to create solutions. Unlike other Smart Contracts created on the blockchain which are usually complex, GMB offers simplified tools for everyone (including people without programming expertise) to create Smart contracts for everyday use. Just like creating a website was made simple with fixed templates, Dapps can be created on the GMB platform with the programming tools by using a varying set of fixed functions.


Advantages of GMB Platform

1.      Overwhelming transaction processing:  GMB blockchain is powered by hardware-based Proof of Stake Consensus Algorithm. This fast agreement process is achieved by using block generation nodes that offer high-speed communication between nodes.  
2.      Scalability – Block generation time is 5 seconds and this will allow the platform to perform efficiently as the user base increases, it will process huge volumes of transactions seamlessly.
3.      Better TPS – The GMB platform can power up to One million (1,000,000) transactions per second. This will be the highest TPS in the blockchain space.
4.      Security – As a blockchain based platform, transactions are tamper-proof and immune to central storage attack. GMB also ensures that a user completes a transaction by self thereby providing an added layer of security.
5.      Objective Smart Contract – Provides a smart contract package that is simple to use. With Dapps that have preset functions, users can quickly create and execute smart contracts without errors while having little or no programming expertise.  
6.      Simplicity – GMB offers services to allow you make simple and fast exchanges everywhere you go. The interface of use will not be complex and users will not be overwhelmed by the idea of using a blockchain software.
7.      Accessibility – Stable coin available for both offline and online transactions, anytime and anywhere.
8.      Store of Value – A Master coin that can be used as a store of value due to its potentially high percentage ROI (return on investment).
9.      Democratic governance – GMB coin will operate as a transparent and democratic decision-making blockchain platform which would not necessitate a hard fork.
10.  Income Generating – Registered users on TravelSpace Dapp will earn through their active participation and original content creation. Sharing fun travel experiences and rating businesses


Goal of GMB Platform

Beyond the limitations of existing blockchain and cryptocurrency, we seek cryptocurrency that can be used in real life.

When making an offline payment, we seek cryptocurrency that can be used instantly without any delay. 

We pursue a blockchain service platform that supports services for real-life use. 

With travel being the first step, we pursue total solutions that consist of various service platforms, such as entertainment and trade.



GMB Platform consists of a Dual-Coin system called Master Coin and Branch Coin.
Master Coin acts as the key currency in GMB Platform and is a cryptocurrency with price volatility listed on the global exchange.
Branch Coin will be issued individually for each country and is a cryptocurrency with price stability that is linked to each fiat currency.
Through GMB’s Decentralized Exchange (DEX), Master Coin and Branch Coin will be exchangeable by applying the market price value and exchange rate. GMB offers services to allow you to make simple and fast exchanges.


Governance system

Governance system
Through the Governance system, participants will be able to express their own views and decide on the future of GMB Platform, even reflect and compensate for the system. GMB Platform will operate as a transparent and democratic decision-making blockchain platform. GMB does not have a hard fork, but it uses the governance system to determine the future as a soft fork.


Objective Smart Contract

Objective Smart Contract is a new concept smart contract that makes it easy for anyone to create and use
In Objective Smart Contract, smart contracts are created by simply moving the icon with the function that you want to create.
For a specific execution, first enter the execution conditional value in the corresponding icon. When it is verified, a viable smart contract is completed.
Everyday use smart contracts built by completed smart contracts or Objective Smart Contracts can be conveniently used at any time that you wish..
Objective Smart Contracts allow smart contracts, which have been only usable by experts due to its difficulty, to be used as everyday tools in real life..



2017 . Q3

Planning of High Speed Distributed Processing Cryptocurrency
Data Structure Research for High Speed Distributed Processing

2017 . Q4

Hardware Specification Research for High Speed Distributed Processing

2018 . 1Q

Establishment of High Availability Consensus Algorithm Technology
Establishment of Distributed Storage Synchronization Technology

2018 . 2Q 

GMB(Master Coin) Private Sale

2018 . 3Q 

Business Cooperation with 18 Domestic and Overseas Travel Agencies into GMB Platform Service
Establishment of TravelSpace(Dapp) Business Policy
GMB(Master Coin) Pre-Sale
Development of Wallet, Toolchain

2018 . 4Q 

Development of TravelSpace(Dapp) Ui/UX
GMB(Master Coin) Crowd Sale
Test Net Release
Listing of GMB(Mster Coin) on Exchange

2019 . 1Q 

Block Explorer, Open Wallet
Main Net 2nd Release(Coin Swap), Branch Coin/GMB DEX Development
Main Platform Launch
TravelSpace(Dapp) 0.5 Beta Release
TravelSpace(Dapp) API Release
Public Reveal of Main Net Open Source
TravelSpace(Dapp) 1.0 Release

2019 . 2Q 

Establishment of Additional Business Development Policy
TravelSpace(Dapp) 1.5 Release

2019 . 3Q 

TravelSpace(Dapp) 2.0 Release

2019 . 4Q 

Establishment of Platform Development Plan
TravelSpace(Dapp) 3.0 Release


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